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Body Fluids Lecture Material Empty Body Fluids Lecture Material

Post by Dr Sarhan on Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:25 am

Dr. Alan Segal, January 2003:

Lecture #1 (powerpoint)
Lecture #2&3 (powerpoint)
The following links bring you to downloadable "PDF" files that can be read with Adobe Acrobat (or its web plugin). These files are about 1 MegaByte large, but should permit zooming to read finer details, and permit easier printing of individual pages.
Lecture #1 (PDF)
Lecture #2 (PDF)
Lecture #3 (PDF)
Dr. Joe Patlak, 2002 Lecture material
(supplementary reference and problem sets)

Lecture Notes (web version): These are a web-based version of lecture notes from several years ago. They were originally converted from material developed by Dr. Ray Gibbons. They have basic coverage, and significant text to help explain things. However, they have not been brought up to date with other material and newly developed illustrations.
The problem sets at the end (with answers) should provide some interesting exercise in working with changes in body fluids.
Powerpoint slides: These are the slides used during the 2002 lectures. Some of these illustrations should amplify the messages given by Dr. Segal, but may use slightly different terminology and units.
Dr Sarhan
Dr Sarhan
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